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Update: August 27th, 2020The perspective of Black Lives in America and their future is best articulated by a black woman who I'd vote for in a heartbeat if she ever ran for president : Click HERE

Meantime, WHERE is America Going and what is the plan with respects to Covid-19 ? Click HERE

Also, a word (or two) from a Fresh-Faced Kid that has her head definitely screwed on straight . Click HERE

August 21st, 2020Technocratic elite A.I. systems now sort out facts from reaching you. Exhibit “A” : FACEBOOK. Pictures tell more than a 1000 words   



August 19th, 2020Yesterday, I posted arguably the greatest documentary on biowarfare and the planned Covid -19 pandemic made. TODAY, I'm posting three sequences from the film of about 6 minutes each in length which puts a bullet in the head of "fact checkers" especially SNOPES, Politifact , and last but not least, as well a look at the observably criminal machinations of Bill Gates-- His past, present and future plans now unfolding. If you want to sleep tonight, do NOT watch this. Otherwise , CLICK HERE.

August 18th, 2020Listen to several experts in the field of microbiology; virology, immunology and more , explain the PLAN that Gates , Fauci and others have served us. CLICK HERE

August 17th, 2020: Out of the mouths of world leaders both elected and non-elected, comes words and actions that YOU can ascertain , discern or apply to a better understanding of the past, present and where we are headed. CLICK HERE

August 13th, 2020: Conspiracy Theory? I wish it was. Click HERE

August 12th , 2020: The insanity of launching satellites for 5G continues as if life on this planet is meaningless. Click HERE

August 6, 2020: Bill Gates - in his OWN words - explaining what he is going to do to grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, your brothers and sisters, babies, and YOU. The last 10 seconds of this video is so horrific and obvious of his intent that, well..... CLICK HERE.

August 4th, 2020 ~ In a disturbing interview with CBS (which is partially owned by the Gates Foundation), Bill Gates tries to explain himself regarding his patented vaccine trials and ends up demonstrating a clear inability to be truthful from the start, and within 60 seconds into this interview it becomes obvious to virtually anyone. CLICK HERE. And CLICK HERE for the REAL AGENDA.

August 3rd, 2020: The Deadliest Virus is not Covid -19, but rather an Idea. What has happened in the past to hundreds of millions of people, and what is now appearing on the horizon of the United States. CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE

July 29th, 2020: From the British Medical Journal on the efficacy of cloth masks being 97% useless click HERE from my colleague Dr. Joseph Mercola's report today on the clinical studies of the efficacy of masks altogether click HERE;

July 29th, 2020: The future of buy, sell, and travel will depend upon the chip, the mark, the proof that you are appropriately tracked, injected, or, in other words, changed biologically forever. CLICK HERE

July 24th, 2020: My wife, Laura K., M.D., has one of her best interviews ever on the free therapy known as GROUNDING for physical and mental health! CLICK HERE..

July 24th, 2020: As a documentary director/producer myself , there are few " simplifications " in understandable and effective filmic form of the global systems of authority like this one. In my opinion, this easy-to-follow essay of what we are living through right now is well worth sitting down for 16 minutes to watch: CLICK HERE.

July 22nd , 2020: Shocking published (and disturbingly incriminating) paper tying 5G with Covid-19: MUST READ!

July 18th, 2020: Soviet Style compliance in our society of wearing facial diapers! Read the facts and science listed on Ben Swan's short presentation.

July 1st, 2020: The globalist script to lock down our country under a contrived health emergency that Fauci is following was formulated pre-9/11 and written in 2002. Click HERE to read document.

June 23, 2020: The merging of humans with machines is now openly admitted in mainstream articles including the Wall Street Journal as of June 21st, 2020. Covid-19, and the rapidly increasing draconian measures associated with it; are the preliminary steps to realizing this objective in culling life as we know it. Click here to read the article.

June 18th, 2020: Facebook will NOT allow the sharing of dissident voices that veer from the Global Medical Tyranny effort now underway! You are no longer even close to being constitutionally “free”. I took a screenshot of what FACEBOOK considers false today; therefore, please click HERE to listen to this lifesaving information!

(Full Title of Article: "EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal with Democratic Congressman sponsor of Bill Six MONTHS BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic" (Known as HR 6666 TRACE ACT which stands for Testing , Reaching, and Contacting Everyone))

June 17th, 2020: You are told what to believe or else!

June 5, 2020 Why What is Happening in Society NOW isn’t an Accident


*** Dr Judy Mikovits, PhD: BANNED Covid-19 Documentary ***