Why We Must Ground Ourselves

In October, 2012, filmmaker Steve Kroschel  filmed for the first time ever the incredible "heartbeat of the Earth" - the Schumann Resonance Frequency of 7.83 Hertz- as it appeared in WATER.  These striking visuals were witnessed in a Faraday Cage with a Cymascope in Cumbria, United Kingdom , whilst working with electrical engineer John Stuart Reid. The sequence was included in the feature documentary "The Grounded".

The incredible story of the Schumann Cavity Resonance frequency began in 1951 with Scientist /Professor Winifred Otto Schumann in a classroom with his students at the University of Munich.

Schumann was teaching the physics of electricity to his students , and expressed how a sphere within a sphere creates electrical tension, and subsequently a frequency.

And so, to make it easier to understand, he drew a circle --the earth, and then another circle around the earth --the ionosphere , and explained how this space, this cavity between the earth's surface and the outer atmosphere, the ionosphere, creates a tension between them.. The discussion drew Schumann into involved calculations taking into consideration many natural environmental factors. The conclusion was that the earth has a pulse, a measureable frequency of about 10 Hertz. This discovery was eventually published in an obscure German Scientific journal on August 11, 1952.


Several years earlier, another scientist, Hans Berger, had invented the EEG machine. And Berger made the first ever recording of the electrical frquency transmitted by the human brain. Berger called it the "Alpha Wave".

As fate would have it, one of Berger's colleagues, a Dr. ,  in the early 50's , then stumbled upon the obscure scientific journal article about Professor Schumann's "earth frequency". The colleague was stunned to find that the brain wave frequency was closely similar to the Schumann frequency of approximately 10 Hz.

Berger's colleague contacted Winifred Schumann and asked for him to refine his discovery of the earth frequency a bit more. Schumann and one of his students did just that. They studied, in detail, how tension is discharged by lightning in the earth/ionosphere cavity. And came up with an exact frequency. 7.83 Hertz ( Hz). As it turned out, the Earth's frequency is not similar to the Alpha brain wave frequency at all. It is IDENTICAL. Identical to the brain waves that control our emotions, our thinking, our immune system and our creativity.

THIS IS WHY GOING OUTSIDE MAKES YOU FEEL SO GOOD ! Because of the Schumann Frequency --the twin brother to GROUNDING !****

The pulse of the earth is the pulse of life itself.

A frequency is measured in Hertz. And refers to how many oscillations per second. Frequencies range from a billionth of an atom , to the length of the endless universe. Frequences are therefore infinite in theory.....So to have the frequency of the earth and the frequency of the brain to be exactly the same, is a spectacular coincidence.. or is it ?

So what does this all mean ? Someone found out. Enter acclaimed scientist Rutger Wever from the Planck Institute in Germany back in the early 60's. Wever designed and oversaw the construction of an underground bunker, in order to examine the circadian rhythms of man. The circadian rhythm is the day/night cycle that is engraved in all life.

Over a 30 year period, Wever conducted experiments on young healthy college student volunteers. They would stay down in the underground bunker for WEEKS at a time , shielded from the natural resonances of the earth. ( The Schumann frequency).

In this bunker , Wever noted some astonishing findings. He discovered that without the Schumann Resonance in the bunker, the student's physical and mental health would suffer. Sick with headaches and an upset circadian rhythm.

But when Wever introduced the frequency of 7.83 Hertz into the underground bunker with a magnetic pulse generator, the student's ills immediately stopped.  Wever secretly turned this transmitter on and off , and the ills of the students would correspond precisely.

Wever's research had revealed the incredible connection between human health and the natural frequency of the planet.

In 2011, Nobel Prize Winning Scientist , Luc Montagnier, who discovered and identified the HIV virus, found something even more profound.  Montagnier experimented and proved that DNA itself, the very building blocks of life itself, communicate with each other in water by emitting low frequency electromagnetic waves. Even when the DNA was kept in seperate test tubes, the professor STILL recorded electromagnetic communication between them...to the point of even creating and organizing nucleotides, the ingredients that make up DNA !!

The frequency ?

7.83 Hertz. Schumann Resonance.

There is a  protein cell, a molecule , called a CHRYPTOCHROME, which all plants and animals have --including HUMANS -- and it's found behind the eye. It controls the circadian rhythm and melatonin production. It has the function of absorbing light as the detectors for the circadian clock--input for the light/dark cycle in plants and animals. The chryptochrome is also responsible for the magnetic compass information for birds and insects and is extremely RELIANT on the Schumann frequency.

But these natural inputs from the earth are now challenged and disrupted by the introduction of millions  and millions of manmade radio signals and electro-magnetic pollution from many sources including Wi-Fi and cell phones .

The radiation environment that we live in now , has increased MILLIONS of times the amount it was even 25 years ago-- SWAMPING the natural signals all life evolved with and perfected over eons of time.

And our children are now being born into a world that their bodies cannot understand.

Is it any wonder, that our well being has declined ?

The need to connect to the EARTH , has never been greater.  The same forces of nature that established the Schumann Resonance Frequency and our need to bathe in it ; also are the same forces of nature, including the gravitational pull of the moon, that give the EARTH itself a negative charge.  Those free electrons in the earth want to "flow" into us, and do so, in an instant, through electrostatics, when we physically touch the earth by direct skin contact with anything that is grounded. Whether that is touching a tree, or touching the bare earth with your bare foot . The SAME INFLUENCES that the Schumann Frequency have on the body, are the same influences that connecting to the Earth has on our physiology. In fact, it is VITAL to have both because they work synergistically  for balance and true health physically and mentally. True vitality and health cannot be achieved without this "Earth Connection" no matter how hard we exercise and eat healthy.

Billions  of dollars are spent needlessly on medications to fight chronic inflammation that don't even work most of the time. Yet, here is the simplist of health modalities that is second to oxygen and water that is essentially free, yet overlooked out of sheer ignorance. This ignorance is testament to how far we've drifted as a species from living in a natural world that our biology demands. Technology may have abandoned biology, but that doesn't mean it is even close to being correct.

Everything that crawls , walks, flies and swims is directly connected to the earth, except human beings, in our modern world.