Inspiring Messages

Wed. Dec. 4  4:29 PM

Mr. Kroschel, my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting your refuge as part of our Alaskan cruise this last September. During our visit you and Mario mentioned grounding and some of the results you had seen. As we were leaving my wife asked you if grounding had any benefits with children with autism and you indicated that it did.

After we got back home we talked about grounding and I did more research into the topic. We ended up purchasing two grounding pads and began using them. In addition, we purchased a grounding panel for our grandson (13 years old) who has a mild form of autism. Some notes below:

1. For ourselves, we noticed better sleep patterns and reduction in muscle soreness along with other inflammation types. My wife sews a lot and her hands hurt after intense sessions. After using the grounding pad, she isn't experiencing this any longer.

2. Our grandson has been sleeping on the grounding panel for about two months now. His parents noticed much better sleep patterns along with less sensitivity to stressful stimuli. This was even noticed by his teacher (who had no knowledge of the grounding panel). Over Thanksgiving holiday he spent 5 days with his father without the grounding panel. Upon returning to school Monday the teacher sent a note home wondering if some event had triggered a change in his behavior. After three nights sleeping grounded again my daughter says he is returning back to a calming state. So the changes in his behavior patterns have been noticeable to outsiders who are not aware of his grounding, not just his parents.

I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for sharing your enthusiasm with us, not only for the benefits my wife and I have seen, but especially for our grandson, we hope over time that this will let him function in a manner that will give him greater opportunities in his life.

Harry W.


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