Banff Band

Named after "Banff" the wolverine.

Six years ago, we made the feature film "The Grounded", that documented the incontrovertible proof of the Earth's ability to heal the body. It has now been seen by millions of people worldwide. Every day I am advising people on how to ground themselves. What did we hand out to people in the movie? For some, it was this grounding resource. And this single resource is not only something Alaskans can use year around to be grounded, but anyone, anywhere on virtually ANY BUDGET!

Bands fit around arm, ankle, leg, calf, wrist, waist, chest or wherever works for you!

Introducing  the "Banff Band". This body band is made of medical-grade silver conductive stretchable fabric that feels like silk. It has a stainless steel button sewn into it as well that will establish conductivity with the body making this band's effectiveness in connecting you to the Earth second to only walking barefoot on the beach. The longevity of this simple product will outlast and be more cost effective than any garden variety grounding sheet, pad, patch, and so on. Why? It is comprised of very tough fabric, stainless steel, and metal. Plus, it cuts to the chase:

Comfort / Connectivity/ Safety and RESULTS.

The "Banff Band" is certified by Laura Koniver, M.D., who is a renowned authority on the medical efficacy of Grounding the body.

Why is it called the "Banff Band"? Because one of the toughest GROUNDED animals on Earth, Banff the wolverine, has tried to break it and failed!


Grounding is power to the body as spinach is to Popeye! 

"Banff" the wolverine pulls on the stretchable body band with all his might and cannot break it!

The conductive SILK FEELING body band can be worn around the chest or waist and /or simply one end of the grounded strap slipped underneath your pajama waistband and you are connected to the Earth just as much as your cave dwelling ancestors! Simply sleeping ON this silk strap or tucking an end under your elastic pajama waistband, etc. is a very convenient way for some that repeatedly get up in the night or don't want to be encumbered.

Cost: $90.00 including free shipping. (Includes two cords totaling 30 feet if you want to ground to a tree or a grounding stake or simply your properly grounded outlet, a copper grounding stake, an outlet checker for proper ground, an inline safety fuse , a wrist band that can be an arm band, leg band or ankle band and another band that can go around your chest or waist . Both bands are one size fits all. And finally, instructions.)


Banff Band Lite - The Real "Smart Watch"

Are you on a fixed budget or skeptical? It doesn't matter whether you wear a $10,000.00 gold watch or a $39.99 stainless steel band around your wrist. The truth is that metal watchbands are highly conductive! Simply clip one of our grounding cords onto your own watch band at night and you are as grounded as a grizzly. However, even if you wear a non-conductive watchband made of cloth, canvas, fake leather etc, if our metal crocodile clip is affixed to it with naturally the lower jaw of the clip underneath the band, the metal clip ITSELF is clearly touching your skin and therefore you are STILL solidly grounded! Because your watchband is the "frame" for the metal clip to touch you! Believe it or not, this technique to ground the body is just as, if not MORE of a guarantee to be sleeping grounded than the most expensive conductive sheet on the market! (The Banff Band Lite comes with two cords totaling 30 ft. with clips and grounding pins, inline safety fuse, copper grounding stake and outlet checker if you wish to plug into ground of your outlet).

Price : $50.00 including free shipping



Materials shown and sold by and its agents and representatives are for educational purposes only and/or are NOT meant to substitute for the recommendations and treatments from your doctor or other medical professional. We make no claims or guarantees that grounding will do anything for you.

Research indicates that grounding the body affects physiological functioning in a variety of ways. Because of this, we strongly recommend that any individual taking medication to thin the blood, regulate blood sugar, control blood pressure, or to supplement thyroid activity should consult with their doctor before using grounding products, and then monitor the medication. An adjustment in medication may be necessary.